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Fun Facts About Beer

  1. Around the world, humans consume over 50 billion gallons of beer every year.
  2. Beer is the most widely consumed alcoholic drink on the planet.
  3. The oldest beer brewery dates back to 1040.
  4. Dating back to 5,000 BC, beer is one of the oldest beverages in the world.
  5. Budweiser is the word’s most famous beer
  6. The Czech Republic was the first country to have a beer museum.
  7. Ancient Sumerians produced beer from malt and bread.
  8. McDonald’s sells beer on its menu in many countries such as France, Germany, Portugal, and South Korea.
  9. ‘Snake Venom’ is the strongest beer in the world with 67.5% alcohol by volume.
  10. The Snake Venom has a steep retail price of $76 to $140 per bottle compared to a common beer that ranges from a dollar or two.